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Author: Gabriel Godwin

Delicious Food, Thrilling Rides, Live Entertainment, Cultural Celebration & Community Fun at Saint Sebastian Feast & Carnival!

The Saint Sebastian Feast & Carnival offers attendees a smorgasbord of experiences. Food lovers can indulge in sizzling Italian sausages, brick oven pizza, funnel cakes, zeppoles, meat kabobs, and corn dogs. Thrill-seekers can enjoy heart-pounding rides, including the infamous Ring of Fire roller coaster. Live entertainment is a highlight, with […]

Montclair’s Football Team Overcomes Challenges and Looks Ahead

Montclair’s football team triumphs over trials and eagerly anticipates the future. Despite facing setbacks due to an academically ineligible player, the team remains resilient. The district, after conducting an internal investigation, has resolved the issues and is committed to preventing similar incidents by reviewing eligibility for all sports. The coaching […]

Montclair’s Cookie Competition: Welcoming Chip City

Ironically, in the cookie capital of Montclair, where residents have long indulged in their favorite local treats, a new contender has emerged. Chip City, the popular cookie brand hailing from New York City, has set its sights on Montclair as its first location in New Jersey. With their enormous, melt-in-your-mouth […]

Promoting Menstrual Equity in New Jersey Schools

Do you know what it means to have menstrual equity? New Jersey has taken a step towards providing menstrual equity in its schools by passing a law requiring that at least half of all girls and gender-neutral bathrooms have free menstrual hygiene products. This law is set to take effect […]

Navigating Intergenerational Harmony With Jane Isay

In an age where generational divides are often seen as insurmountable, Jane Isay has made it her mission to bridge the gap. Join the YMCA of Montclair and Isay for an evening of conversation intended to bring insight and understanding into the dynamics between mothers, adult children, and grandchildren. With […]

Outdoor Movies, Festivals & Family Fun

Spark up your weekend with a dazzling array of outdoor activities! From carnivals and scavenger hunts to live music and outdoor movies, the tri-state area offers something for everyone. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities while you take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings. Enjoy the […]

Montclair’s Unfinished Business: Redemption on the Field

The Montclair football team is looking for a fresh start this season after being forced to forfeit a state playoff game and four victories due to an ineligible player last year. Head coach Jermain Johnson and the players are determined to prove themselves and carry a chip on their shoulder […]

Montclair’s Reflections on “March on Washington” Impact

The historic March on Washington, held on August 28, 1963, was a pivotal moment in American history. Still today, the impact of the march reverberates throughout Montclair, where people honor it through commemorations, personal stories, and collective action. While the march represented a crucial victory for civil rights, the fight […]